Made in France recycled decoration : a new look for your home!

Decorating the interior of your house or flat is much more than just embellishing your space. It's about creating an environment that reflects our style, that makes us feel good while being as environmentally friendly as possible. If you're looking for sustainable and unique decoration, then made in France and upcycled decoration is for you!

décoration surcylée

The magic of upcycling

Upcycling is the innovative practice of transforming old objects or materials into new products.

The idea is to give new life to existing objects rather than destroying or throwing them away. To illustrate this definition, we can take the example of an empty tin can. Instead of throwing it away, we're going to customise it by washing it, painting it and adding a lid so that it can be used again and become a pretty eco-responsible storage box, for example. It's a creative approach that helps reduce waste, isn't that what life's all about?

So what are the benefits?

1. Outstanding creativity

The technique of upcycling gives us designers limitless scope for imagination. We see every object as an opportunity for recovery, whereas others see it as useless waste. Thanks to upcycling, we can offer you objects that are unique, original and have a story behind them.

2. Sustainability

As mentioned above, upcycling is an approach that respects the environment. Rather than buying new objects, you reuse existing ones, which reduces the demand for new resources and helps to reduce waste. It's a great way for you, too, to help preserve our planet on a daily basis.

3. Customisation

We can personalise your decor like nobody else. You've got an idea, we can make it a reality. You can then create unique pieces in your own home that respect your style and personality. Each object made from recycled materials has its own story to tell and its own character. Giving free rein to your imagination is what upcycling is all about!

                                                                                                                meubles avec une histoire

The art of Made in France

As we all know, made in France has long been synonymous with quality, high-level craftsmanship and, of course, creativity. So, when you opt for Made in France decorative items, you're obviously embellishing your space, but you're also investing in exceptional know-how and products made with the utmost care.

What are the advantages?

1. Support for the local economy

When you consume French products, you are helping to support the local economy and therefore preserve jobs. Many French businesses are family-run, passing on their know-how from generation to generation. It is vital to preserve these traditions.

2. French quality

Our French products are renowned for their extraordinary quality. The craftsmen pay great attention to detail and, above all, they use quality materials to guarantee the durability of your decorative objects. So you can have confidence in the durability of Made in France products.

3. Product variety

France is a country with a very rich culture and this is reflected in its diversity of decorating styles. Whether you prefer Parisian chic, rustic country charm or contemporary minimalism, you'll find a wide range of products to suit your tastes.

Produits made in France

Finally, isn't upcycling and made in France the perfect fusion?

We think so!

It's a perfect marriage of good quality and creativity that respects our environment!

By the way, have you heard of It's a platform that lists only Made in France and recycled/upcycled products. You're bound to find something to suit all tastes!

1. Furniture

Thanks to its committed designers, Rouspette offers you small-scale furniture: old furniture lovingly renovated and transformed into contemporary decorative pieces. The talented craftsmen use overcycling techniques to give new life to classic furniture, creating unique pieces that combine the charm of the past with modern style.

2. Creative lighting

Light up your space with lights made in France! They're made from old objects that are sure to remind you of your childhood! Old telephones, mugs, stoves, books and so many other objects that will make your home unique! And all the while reducing your carbon footprint, isn't that nice?
recycled furniture

3. Wall decoration

Our walls are part of our home decor too! The Rouspette platform offers paintings made from wood, rope, hessian and much more! You'll also find wall vases and other unusual and unique decorative objects that are sure to catch everyone's eye!

                                                                                                 déco customisée

Finally, Made in France and overcycled decorations offer a great opportunity to embellish your spaces (living room, dining room, bedroom, kitchen...) while adopting a more environmentally-friendly approach. Remember, you too have the power to change consumption patterns! Your choices show your buying intentions, so there's no risk of industries producing what doesn't sell! All you have to do is choose products that are made in France to support local craftsmen and women, and ensure that you get quality products with a touch of originality!

So, whether you're looking for furniture, lighting or wall decorations, explore the vast range offered by Rouspette. You'll find our creations as well as other decorative items such as candles, key rings, cutting boards, etc...

Create an interior that tells your story while contributing to a more sustainable future!