Upcycling is in! Our upcycling ideas to preserve our planet...

Give a second life to your empty cans by putting a nice wooden lid on them from BULLSEYE!

They will then be transformed into a:
* storage box
* gift box
* decorative object
* piggy bank.


A storage/sorting solution which is:
* practical
* flexible
* economical
* eco-friendly.

The creative one's will start customising their boxes and make them unique pieces to organise and embellish their storage space: kitchen or bathroom cupboards/shelves, office, workshop, garage...

Think about using these boxes as a personalised gift box to put for example treats or your baking creations in.

Also a good idea for creative mums looking for useful craft ideas for their children... Don't hesitate to take inspiration from our DIY tutorials to make your own piggy banks or boxes.

Decorating those usually discarded tins can become a hobby: the more you want to customise them, the more you will be a fan and the more upcycling will make sense.

Those in a hurry will opt for our customised lids - with or without pyrography - and ready-to-use ecological cans and will benefit from an original and environmentally friendly solution for storing and organising various small and medium-sized objects/foodstuff.

Made of sustainable and 100% recyclable materials, these customizable "eco-boxes" or "eco-piggy banks" will undoubtedly surprise you with their modernity and aestheticism.