Bullseye offers clever storage solutions & personalised decorative objects

in 100% recyclable materials and favouring upcycling..

❤ For the planet, let's upcycle! 

We recycle empty cans from donations to give them a second life for DIY, storage, decoration, games, etc.

We handcraft customizable wooden lids to close the recycled cans.
We decorate them to your taste so that they can be used to:
- store and sort many objects: simple or engraved boxes
- thank or motivate: personalised piggy banks
- give pleasure: Playmobil boxes, message boxes, treats boxes, etc.

We also transform used golf balls into furniture knobs or decorative balls to embellish your furniture/doors or to add a little fun to your decor.

We upgrade wood scraps to make ingenious wall-mounted key holders whose keys attached to your keychains also serve as shopping cart tokens!

Tailor-made wall storage solutions

Save space by using your wall space rather than occupying your floor space!

You will be surprised by the possibilities offered by our modular wall shelves. Because they can be adapted to :
- your storage needs: hanging desk, floating bookcase, storage rack for CDs, spices or bulk food ...
- the available wall surface, even in tight spaces! Once you have determined the length and depth of the wall shelves, you can also adjust their height after fixing the racks to the wall. Ideal for small spaces!

A great solution to obtain a custom-made storage space at a really attractive price!

In addition, thanks to our unique metal brackets, you can simply make your own shelves or desks/wall shelves.

Another advantage of our solutions is that you can fix several shelves to the same racks with very few holes in the wall, because you simply screw the racks to the wall. The number of screws depends on the load to be supported (minimum 2 screws/rack). Also think about double racks to extend the storage area without increasing the number of holes!

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