sizes money bank
sizes money bank

Piggy bank "Holidays" (R)

Tax included 1 to 2 days

Saving money for holidays, travels, outings

Do you want to save money for your next holiday, a romantic weekend or a family outing? Or maybe you'd like to make a holiday-themed gift to a student, a young couple or a retired person?

For a gift, pre-fill it, why not with the help of other contributors, to build a solid base for the next departure!

Otherwise, place it in a strategic place so that you can remember to fill it in whenever you can.

A way to get a little closer to the goal!

100% secure payments

Funds to go to the sun or to please yourself

This box consists of :
1 recycled tin can painted in canary yellow (other colours on request) +
1 fire-engraved wooden lid with the inscription "Holidays" (other text on request) and a beach image.

The lid is removable (unlike the "I save" piggy banks).

Size of the box :
- diameter: 99 mm
- height: 121 mm
It can contain up to approximately €500 in €1 coins.

Local handcrafting

Made in France with the greatest care, this piggy bank is eco-responsible because :
- we reuse local resources (tin cans) --> waste reduction
- it does not contain any plastic,
- its carbon footprint is low (unlike the piggy banks usually imported),
- the materials (metal & wood) are 100% recyclable.

Our recycled tins are free of dents and dings but may have slight imperfections from their manufacture.


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Metal & natural beech wood