sizes money bank
sizes money bank

Coffee fund money box (R)

Tax included 1 to 2 days

A piggy bank for coffee... or tips!

This nice kitty can be adapted to collect :
- the financial participation of coffee/tea drinkers to buy news bags or capsules,
- tips from your customers.

It takes up little space next to the coffee/tea machine, the kettle or on a counter, but still catches the eye...

Personnalisation / Customization

250 char. max

100% secure payments

Customisable with an icon adapted to your needs

This box is composed of :
1 recycled tin can painted +
1 wooden lid with a short inscription and a small icon (coffee cup, croissant, logo, etc.).

Description of the box

S = ∅ 73 x 111 mm / approx. 150 € in 1 € coins
M = ∅ 83 x 88 mm / approx. 200 € in 1 € coins

The slot allows you to insert coins as well as folded banknotes. To count the money saved, simply lift the lid (unlike the "I save" piggy banks).

An eco-responsible pot

Made in France with the greatest care, this piggy bank is eco-responsible because :
- we reuse local resources (tin cans) --> waste reduction
- it does not contain any plastic,
- its carbon footprint is low (unlike the piggy banks usually imported),
- the materials (metal & wood) are 100% recyclable.

Our recycled cans are free of dents and dings but may have slight imperfections from their manufacture.


Data sheet

Metal & natural beech wood

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