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donation collection
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Donation box (R/NR)

Tax included

Collecting money for a good cause

Your association, foundation, NGO, club, ... wants to collect money and you are looking for a simple way to do it? Opt for this nice customizable kitty and show it off!

It is a painted recycled tin can (colour to be determined) closed by a removable or non-removable wooden lid with the association's logo, description of the current action, a pictogram, etc. Send us your graphic elements (logo, pictogram, etc.) if you have any to:

NB: the sides of the can can also be used to describe what the money will be used for.

Personnalisation / Customization

250 char. max

Volume discounts

Quantity Unit discount You Save
10 10% Up to €15.50
20 20% Up to €62.00
30 30% Up to €139.50

100% secure payments

A piggy bank, secured or not

The secure version has the following special feature: once the money is in the box, it can only be recovered by opening the bottom with a can opener. This is a first step to prevent theft... It is also possible to consult us to study other possibilities to delay the theft.

N.B.: To reuse the lid once the box is opened, the lid must be forced out of its housing with the help of a rod and a hammer. The rod is inserted from the bottom of the open can and a hammer is used to tap the end of the rod to remove the lid from the top of the can. The can must be held during this operation.
Before inserting the lid into the new can, the can should be secured (removal of sharp edges) using the appropriate can opener.

FYI: we offer replacement boxes (empty, painted & without sharp edges) by selecting the desired box size and "none" in "type of lid". 

The non-secure box is a simple piggy bank with a removable lid: to get the money, you just have to lift it up.

Our engravings are made to measure

Generally, you tell us what you want and we make you a proposal.
You can also send us graphic elements (logo, pictogram, etc.) to:
We will send you a proposal for engraving before production within 12 hours after your order --> WATCH YOUR MESSAGES so as not to delay the sending.

Proposed box sizes & colours:

L = ∅ 99 x 121 mm / approx. 500 € in 1 € pieces
XL = ∅ 127 x 155 mm / approx. 800 € in 1 € pieces

Colours: white, black, yellow, orange, red, pink, apple green, forest green, aqua blue, safety blue, grey.

Opt for an eco-responsible kitty

Made in France with the greatest care, this piggy bank is eco-responsible because :
- we reuse local resources (tin cans) --> waste reduction
- it does not contain any plastic,
- its carbon footprint is low (unlike the piggy banks usually imported),
- the materials (metal & wood) are 100% recyclable.

Our recycled tins are free of dents and dings but may have slight imperfections from their manufacture and first use.


Data sheet

Metal & natural beech wood