personalized piggy bank Honeymoon
big tip box
save for your driving licence
piggy bank tattoo
money bank sizes
personalized piggy bank Honeymoon
big tip box
save for your driving licence
piggy bank tattoo
money bank sizes

Big piggy bank (A)

Tax included 1 to 2 days

The personalised XL piggy bank for big spending

Do you need a big piggy bank to raise money for a wedding, a party, a charity event or another project?

Then our customisable XL piggy bank is ideal because :
- it takes up little space on a table, a counter, a piece of furniture...
- it is easily transportable,
- it is eco-designed (100% recyclable materials and reuse of a can),
- its lid can be personalised: image, logo, text, etc...

You can also use the sides of the box to communicate the purpose of the donations. In this case, take the " without finish" version.

Personnalisation / Customization

250 char. max

100% secure payments

A large money box with a removable lid

On this site we offer 2 types of large piggy banks:
- piggy bank with removable lid = this one: money can be taken out of the box at any time.
- piggy bank "I save!" with a non-removable lid: the money can only be removed if the box is opened from the bottom with a can opener.

This makes our large "I save!" piggy banks more "secure" than our simple piggy banks, as you need an extra tool and know the trick to get the money out.

!!!!!! If you need to collect envelopes, opt for our large boxes with lids to be decorated or painted (the slot of the piggy banks being adapted to folded cheques but not wide enough for envelopes). If you wish to personalise the lid of these boxes, simply add the "laser engraving service" option.

Several sizes of piggy banks depending on your needs

L = ∅ 99 x 179 mm (boîte haute)
XL1 = ∅ 127 x 155 mm (boîte large)
XL2 = ∅ 127 x 167 mm (boîte large)
XL4 = ∅ 127 x 183 mm (boîte haute et large).

We will be happy to advise you on the most appropriate size for your needs, depending on the amount of money you expect to receive and in what form.


The walls of your box are available in several colours: white, black, pink, royal blue, etc. Other colours are possible on request.

If you choose the "without finish" piggy bank, you will be free to decorate the walls of your box yourself: fabrics, stickers, etc.
!!! Size XL1 has grooved walls while XL2 and XL4 have smooth walls.

The laser engraving of the piggy bank lid is made to measure. We invite you to discuss your needs with us so that we can make an engraving proposal that corresponds to your project.

If you wish to send us a file with a logo for example, please use the address:

Eco-designed to respect the planet

Made in France with the greatest care, this piggy bank is eco-responsible because :
- we reuse local resources (tin cans) --> waste reduction
- it voluntarily contains no plastic,
- its carbon footprint is low (unlike the piggy banks usually imported),
- the materials (metal & wood) are 100% recyclable.

Our recycled cans are free of dents or dings but may have slight imperfections from their manufacture.


Data sheet

Metal & natural beech wood

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