Motorbike licence savings
saving for a scooter
buy a vehicle
raise money for the permit
sizes money bank
Motorbike licence savings
saving for a scooter
buy a vehicle
raise money for the permit
sizes money bank

Piggy bank "Driving Licence"

Tax included 1 to 2 days

A kitty to finance your driving licence... or your car!

This special money box helps you save money for your driving licence or to buy a car by keeping the money for financing them "safe".

You can choose between a piggy bank where the money can be taken out at any time (removable lid) and a piggy bank that will only reveal its contents by opening the bottom with a can opener (non removable lid).

An ideal gift for a teenager over 15 years old.

Personnalisation / Customization

250 char. max

Save to drive a car, scooter, motorbike...

The lid of this bank can be personalised according to your needs: for the scooter, motorbike, car or the purchase of a vehicle.

Describe us your wish of personalization and we will try to adapt it as well as possible.

The piggy bank consists of :
1 recycled tin can painted in white, black or another colour to be specified* +
1 removable or non removable wooden lid with an inscription and an icon.

*other colours = yellow, orange, red, pink, apple green, forest green, aqua blue, safety blue

In the example pictured, the piggy bank has the inscription " On the way to the driving licence " and the image of a Citroën 2CV.

How to reuse a non-removable lid (if chosen)?

To reuse the lid once the box has been opened, it is very simple: the lid must be forced out of its housing with the help of a rod and a hammer. The rod is inserted from the bottom of the open can and a hammer is used to tap the end of the rod to remove the lid from the top of the can. The can must be held during this oper

Can size :
- diameter: 99 mm
- height: 179 mm
It can hold up to approximately €750 in €1 coins.

Made in France with the greatest care, this piggy bank is eco-responsible because :
- we reuse local resources (tin cans) --> waste reduction
- it does not contain any plastic,
- its carbon footprint is low (unlike the piggy banks usually imported),
- the materials (metal & wood) are 100% recyclable.

Our recycled tins are free from dents or dings but may have slight imperfections from their manufacture.


Data sheet

Metal & natural beech wood

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